Phoenix Islands 2015


Dates: September 1-30, 2015

Divers: Dr. Stuart Sandin, Dr. Brian Zgliczynski

Lead Organization: New England Aquarium

Collaborators: Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Government of Kiribati

Michael Berumen*: KAUST
Camrin Braun: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Jessica Carilli*: University of Massachusetts – Boston
Julie Cavin: New England Aquarium
Anne Cohen*: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Darren Coker: KAUST
Craig Cook: Undersea Medical Consultants
Liz Drenkard: Rutgers University
Pete Gawne: New England Aquarium
Shawn Harper: New England Aquarium
Aranteiti Kiareti: Government of Kiribati
Robert Lasley: New England Aquarium
Sangeeta Mangubhai: New England Aquarium
Yashika Nand: Wildlife Conservation Society
Sam Payet: KAUST
Hanny Rivera: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Randi Rotjan*: New England Aquarium
Stuart Sandin: Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Simon Thorrold*: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Charles (Chip) Young: NOAA
Brian Zgliczynski: Scripps Institution of Oceanography

*Virtual members (were not onboard)


The sixth multi-disciplinary scientific research expedition to the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA) took place in September 2015 (Sept 1-30). This was the sixth multi-disciplinary expedition to the Phoenix Islands and was a multi-institutional collaboration led by the New England Aquarium (NEAq) in collaboration with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), and in support of the Government of Kiribati (GoK). Logistical and technical support was received from collaborators from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the Red Sea Research Center (RSRC) at KAUST, Rutgers University, NOAA, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), UMass Boston, and Penn State University (PSU). The purpose of this expedition was twofold: first, to continue long-term monitoring efforts that, for the past decade, have contributed towards achieving the management needs of PIPA. The remaining focus was on research objectives that were stated goals of the 10-year PIPA research vision. These projects centered around the themes of determining the diversity, health and connectivity of organisms within and between islands, and assessing current and historical reef resistance, resilience, and
recovery to high thermal events.