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100IC Team visits SPREP in Samoa

Continuing the effort to survey 100 islands across the globe, members of the 100IC team (Chris Sullivan, Nicole Pedersen, and Lindsay Bonito) partnered with researcher Alice Lawrence (Department of Marine & Wildlife Resources Coral Reef Advisory Group, American Samoa) to monitor reefs on Upolu and Savai’i Islands in Samoa. During their visit, the team met

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Hope for the Future: Tuamotus & Line Islands Expedition 2017

By Brian Zgliczynski Members of the 100 Island Challenge team (Nicole Pedersen, Chris Sullivan, Stuart Sandin, and Brian Zgliczynski) returned from an expedition this past August to survey coral reefs at a subset of atolls in the Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia, as well as re-visit several islands in the Southern Line Islands, Republic of Kiribati.

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