2020 Virtual Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Members of the Sandin Lab have participated in developing and implementing a Virtual Research Experience for Undergraduate students (REU) in lieu of an in-person program due to ongoing public health concerns related to COVID-19. This experience takes place over the summer and allow students from across the country to participate, lean, engage and gain experience. As academics and scientists, we’re … Read More

Shift from coral to macroalgae dominance on a volcanically acidified reef

I. C. Enochs, D. P. Manzello, E. M. Donham, G. Kolodziej, R. Okano, L. Johnston, C. Young, J. Iguel, C. B. Edwards, M. D. Fox, L. Valentino, S. Johnson, D. Benavente, S. J. Clark, R. Carlton, T. Burton, Y. Eynaud and N. N. Price Read the full article here. ABSTRACT: Rising anthropogenic CO2 in the atmosphere is accompanied by an … Read More

Scaling the Annotation of Subtidal Marine Habitats

Perry Naughton, Clinton Edwards, Vid Petrovic, Ryan Kastner, Falko Kuester and Stuart Sandin. 2015. Read the full article here. ABSTRACT: Visually documenting seafloor habitats has the potential to answer challenging questions in several maritime disciplines including: ecology, geology, and archaeology. Unfortunately, the attenuation of visible light underwater limits the imaging footprint of a single image to square meters. This limitation … Read More

Re-evaluating the health of coral reef communities: baselines and evidence for human impacts across the central Pacific

Jennifer E. Smith, Rusty Brainard, Amanda Carter, Saray Grillo, Clinton Edwards, Jill Harris, Levi Lewis, David Obura, Forest Rohwer, Enric Sala, Peter S. Vroom, Stuart Sandin. 2016. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Read the full article here. ABSTRACT: Numerous studies have documented declines in the abundance of reefbuilding corals over the last several decades and in some but not … Read More

Herbivore space use influences coral reef recovery

Yoan Eynaud, Dylan E. McNamara and Stuart A. Sandin Read the full article here. ABSTRACT: Herbivores play an important role in marine communities. On coral reefs, the diversity and unique feeding behaviours found within this functional group can have a comparably diverse set of impacts in structuring the benthic community. Here, using a spatially explicit model of herbivore foraging, we … Read More