American Samoa, Line Islands, and Pacific Remote Islands – 2018

Expedition Details

Dates: May 31- August 19, 2018


Leg 1: Chris Sullivan, Staff Researcher
Leg 2: Sam Clements, Staff Researcher
Leg 3: Nicole Pedersen, Staff Researcher


100 IC team members participated on the most recent AS-RAMP expedition to assess sites across American Samoa, the Line Islands and Pacific Remote islands during the summer of 2018. As described by the CREP partners, “This expedition is part of the National Coral Reef Monitoring Program of NOAA’s Coral Reef Conservation Program. This long-term, integrated program of coral reef ecosystem monitoring and assessment is designed to provide a consistent, comparable flow of information to document and report the status and trends of environmental conditions and living resources of the nation’s coral reef ecosystems and of the people and processes that interact with them. This work by scientists, aboard the Hiʻialakai, to investigate coral reef resources around the main Hawaiian Islands also complements long-term coral reef monitoring efforts of local agencies.”